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  • Title: HR's Gallery
  • Welcome to our digital "shoebox." Back in the day, photos were often stashed in old shoe boxes, with the intent of eventually pasting them into photo albums. As I recall, most of the time the albums never happened and the shoe boxes were passed on to the next generation...or lost or tossed!

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    Family Reunions
  • HR's Roots

    HR's Roots
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    PR's Pictures
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    The Dogz
  • Jamboree in the Hills

    Jamboree in the Hills
  • Bud's 35th

    Bud's 35th
  • Bikes 2008

    Bikes 2008
  • Brood X Cicadas, 2004

    Brood X Cicadas, 2004
  • Beer Can Bob

    Beer Can Bob
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    The Big Box
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  • Big Jim the Cowboy

    Big Jim the Cowboy
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    HR's Hats
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